Friday, April 4, 2014

Life is changing once again!

Once again our life is changing.  We are heading to Valley City, North Dakota to start our next adventure in life. Adam has accepted a position as the head volleyball coach at Valley City State University (VCSU).  He is heading out in a few days to work the rest of the spring season.  The rest of us are staying behind in West Jordan with my parents for a few months.  I am little bit nervous of the weather there, but otherwise I look forward to the next stage of our lives.
It is known as the city of bridges
Valley City State University

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Happy after grief!
Those of you who know me and read this blog, know me and know what my strong connection with grief is. Those of you who don't....let me tell you a short story. In September of 2005, I suddenly became a widow and a single mother of a little baby girl. My first husband was tragically killed in an auto/pedestrian accident in Las Vegas, Nevada. In that moment my life was forever changed. I lost a big part of my identity and my foundation. I had to come to terms with my new identity. During the next days, weeks, and months that followed I found myself consumed with my grief. I wasn't sure where to turn and what to do. Eventually I started to pour myself into writing. I wrote a journal, letters, songs, rants, and POEMS! It was in poems that I found a temporary relief from the pain that I was feeling. As I continued to read, and write poetry, I found that it was very therapeutic. It was a great way for me to release my emotions in a constructive way. Eventually happiness came again, and I am proof of recovery after a devastating loss. This brings me to present day. One of the requirements of students at Southern Utah University (where I am attending)is to complete a project in a program called EDGE. This ground breaking program allows students to pick a project that will give them the opportunity to get experience outside the classroom. The projects picked are supposed to relate to the students choice of major and career. When I graduate in May, I plan to work in the bereavement field. It is funny that such a life changing event can change what we do in life. I had always wanted to work in developmental psychology until a very prominent figure told me that my calling in life would be in the world of grief. In November of 2012,I chose to give a presentation on the benefits of poetry to a bereavement group on the campus of SUU. I had the members of the group share poems that had helped them through the death of their loved one. I also had them try their hand at writing a poem. The experience was a wonderful experience. Everyone had something to share. The emotions were high, and many tears were shed as we shared poems that were dear to our heart. Everyone was appreciative of the experience. The project was so successful, that it will be carried out in future groups on campus. With the experience, I was able to stretch myself and grow. I reached out in a way that I would not usually do. The things I have learned from this project are invaluable. They will be things I will carry with me throughout my life.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday, June 30, 2011


It is hard to believe that June is over, and July is starting!!! We have had a busy last few months!..and we still have so much more to do this summer. I enjoy summers because we get to spend so much time with our family...even if we are living out of suitcases.
The summer started off with Odessa graduation from Kindergarten! She put on such a cute program, about America! It is so hard to believe that she will be in first grade! My little girl is getting so big!
She is also learning how to ride her bike this summer...Adam has been patiently helping her get ready for the memorial race this summer!

Most of June found us in Salt Lake/Idaho Falls! Adam has been doing volleyball camps and we have been lucky to go along and spend some time with family.
We had a chance to go to Star Valley for a few days and enjoy sometime at a family memebers cabin. It was here that I golfed for the first time!!!
We also had a chance to go to the Manti pageant and spend some time in that area!

Addison is still Addison...he is our little entertainer...and just the sweetest two year old...he keeps us laughing with everything he says!

Elijah is growing like a weed....he is five months now...starting to eat solids and has his first tooth coming in...and he loves to babble!

Adam is keeping busy with volleyball camps and I am keeping busy with the kiddos!!!

Monday, March 28, 2011


This year we decided to combine Elijahs blessing with Addison's second birthday, since we were going to have all of our family in town. The weather was snowy on Saturday, and I was worried about how Sunday would turn out, but we lucked out and had tempatures close to 60.

Elijahs blessing went wonderfully...Adam did such a great job, and Addison (armed with marshmellows) was even quiet through the blessing.

After sacrament, we all headed back to the house (about 50 people..which is ALOT in our little home) and had pizza and salad for lunch. It was great that we were able to send the kids outside to play....it freed up the chairs for us adults! After lunch the Addison opened his presents! He was so excited over everything he got! It was so great to see everyone. We truly are blessed with great family and friends, who care enough to travel to come and see us.

Thanks to everyone for making it a great weekend.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Elijah Byran Longmore was born Monday January 24, 2011 at 4:35 PM. He was 20 inches tall, and weighed 7.1 lbs.

We were happy to FINALLY bring him into the world after what seemed to be a VERY long nine months, of throwing up every day and lots of aches and pains.

The Labor and delivery was pretty intense. We had 15 hours of labor, and more then half of that was without progression. Like in Addison's case, the cord was wrapped around Elijah...so it took a little longer then usual to get him out..with the decision of a c-section looming overhead, Adam gave me a blessing, and about 5 minutes later, Elijah literally came flying out....the doctor was running through the door while Elijah was coming out. No one was quite ready for him to come, after waiting all day for him.

He is healthy and happy! We are so blessed to have him a part of our family.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


We had a great Christmas at home. We spent the day opening presents, and making dinner and watching movies. The kids were spoiled and so were the parents.